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Uttaran is one of the popular Hindi TV shows based on a tale of two friends- Tapasya and Ichha with completely different backgrounds. Tapasya is the spoiled daughter of a rich man, while Ichha, her best friend, is the maid’s daughter. While society cannot separate the two, love does just that. Veer, whose marriage proposal was initially rejected by Tapasya, falls in love with Ichha, and Tapasya simply cannot stand it. The series takes an interesting turn when Tapasya and Veer get married, and the best friends are locked in a love triangle with a helpless Veer at the centre.

Will Ichha and Tapasya’s friendship remain the same? Will there be some major twists and turns that would affect their friendship? Will they fight against the odds and keep their friendship going? Stay tuned to know what destiny has planned for them.

Watch this space for more information on how to watch Uttaran for free in the US.


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