I would love to feature a dish made with Ostrich eggs: Simran Kochar


I would love to feature a dish made with Ostrich eggs: Simran Kochar
I would love to feature a dish made with Ostrich eggs: Simran Kochar
I would love to feature a dish made with Ostrich eggs: Simran Kochar


Dine With Colors is a famous culinary and travel television show hosted by Simran Kochar Singh. Her captivating show, which celebrates the best eats, drinks, recipes, and more from throughout the country, airs on DesiPlay TV every Sunday. The show is best defined as a gastronomic odyssey across North America, as it travels the country spotlighting the top restaurants, chefs, international food, and iconic regional sites. Simran discussed anything from what goes into developing a television show to what regional cuisine can teach us about the people and places that gave birth to them.

On asking which restaurant in North America, she would like to feature on her show Dine with Colors, Simran said, “There are several, but two that come to mind instantly in New York: I had the pleasure of dining at Tavern 62, David Burke’s new Upper East Side restaurant. And I really want to feature his Ostrich egg recipe on the show. I believe David is simply warm and pleasant in person, as evidenced by the way he greets and mingles with everyone in the restaurant and makes them feel at ease. It would be fantastic if his story and dishes were featured on the show. There’s another fantastic restaurant in Washington Square Park called Dosa Man Thiru.”

Simran doesn’t hesitate to talk about how diverse regional and cultural cuisines teach us about the locations and the brainchild behind them. “I enjoy seeing how beautifully geography, climate, religious beliefs, and trade history have influenced the choice of vegetables and spices in various lands, how changing infrastructures have increased access to newer ingredients for chefs all over the world, and how the internet and global online deliveries have spawned more creativity in meals. Food is a cultural identity in and of itself, and I prefer to recognize and really enjoy the diversity rather than expecting a melting pot.”

Simran further added,” From sharing Ethiopian Injera with a glamorous restaurant owner who taught me how to respect food down to the last morsel as people do in Ethiopia due to abject poverty, to learning from a barbecue pit master in Charleston how wood from different trees affects the flavor of his chicken wings, to learning how to wait patiently with the Vietnamese chef for the special coffee with condensed milk to brewing, I just love seeing the passion for food. The more traditional and authentic, the better!”

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