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Exclusive Interviews with DesiPlay TV Stars: Get to Know Your Favorite Celebrities

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Thumbnail for Exclusive Interviews with DesiPlay TV Stars: Get to Know Your Favorite Celebrities
Thumbnail for Exclusive Interviews with DesiPlay TV Stars: Get to Know Your Favorite Celebrities


Television has a special way of bringing characters to life, and behind every memorable role is a talented actor. DesiPlay TV, A FAST channel has been a hub for captivating shows. Let’s dive into exclusive interviews with Tina Dutta, Pooja Sharma, and Natasha Sharma, where they share insights into their iconic roles and experiences in the world of television.


Tina Dutta as Ichha Veer Singh Bundela from Uttaran: 


Tina Dutta, known for her role as Ichha Veer Singh Bundela in “Uttaran,” talks about her journey in Uttaran, “Iccha has always been one of my most memorable characters to date, but I am quite happy to be trying out new roles because as an actor, it is very important to experiment, it is very important to be versatile with your work and try out new things, as that is when you can showcase your true acting abilities! Naxalbari was shot in the peak lockdown in Goa during the month of July, and it was quite a roller coaster ride. While prioritizing my safety throughout the shoot was of utmost concern, I had to keep in mind the intensity of the show and my character which did require some certain amount of important prep, so balancing both was quite a task but something I will never forget!”


Pooja Sharma as Goddess Parvati/Mahakali in Mahakali: 


Pooja Sharma, who played Goddess Parvati/Mahakali in “Mahakali,” says “Besides being challenging, the role was also ‘creatively satisfying’ for me. It’s basically the journey of how Parvati, who was a normal woman married to the revered Lord Shankar, transforms into Goddess Mahakali. The contrasting attributes of each character offer me a wide spectrum as an actor. While Parvati is super-soft and gentle, as she symbolizes mother nature, Kaali Maa is fiery and aggressive. Plus, there are action scenes – Kalaripayattu (martial arts of Kerala) and sword-fighting scenes, for which I have been trained.”


Natasha Sharma as Sia in “Na Aana Is Des Meri Laado: 


Natasha Sharma, talks about her role as Sia in “Na Aana Is Des Meri Laado,” The biggest impact that the show had on me was that I became a more mature actor after playing the role of Sia. I had to play three different sides of my characters, Ammaji’s daughter-in-law, Raghav’s wife and Jahnvi and Dia’s mother.  It was my debut show and acting were uncharted territory for me. I tried to absorb everything around me with the help of the entire cast and crew. I got to learn so much in the company of some of the great actors and overall, it has been an enriching journey.


The Essence of Television 


Television stardom isn’t just about fame and glamour it’s about dedication and passion for the craft. Tina, Pooja, and Natasha’s journeys highlight the challenges and triumphs that come with being a TV actor. Whether it’s shooting during a pandemic or portraying complex characters, these stars exemplify resilience and commitment.


Join us as we continue to shine a spotlight on the incredible actors who bring joy and entertainment into our lives. We are available on popular streaming platforms such as Sling TV, Plex, Yupp TV, Shahid & Pluto TV in Canada, DesiPlay TV promises to be a source of endless entertainment and cultural enrichment for viewers around the world. Let’s celebrate the magic of television together!


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