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How did Pooja Sharma feel about her role in Mahakaali?

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Thumbnail for How did Pooja Sharma feel about her role in Mahakaali?
Thumbnail for How did Pooja Sharma feel about her role in Mahakaali?


Pooja Sharma, who is well known for her performance as Draupadi in the legendary TV series Mahabharat, can be seen breaking the image as she plays the lead in Desi Play TVsMahakaali – Anth Hi Aarambh Hai’. 

“Being cast as Kaali was surprising for me and it was also hard for the producer to convince me because I was a little hesitant to play the role of a goddess. I realised the character is that of Goddess Parvati, who kept denying the power within her which was of Mahakaali. The script kind of resonated with the feeling inside me. I thought that this may be a divine connection. I would have regretted declining the offer later.” Shared Pooja about her role.

Talking about how she was chosen as the lead for Mahakaali, Pooja said, “I like playing challenging roles, be it a saas-bahu saga, a mythological show, a comedy, or even a crime-thriller. I’d say that I was destined for this author-backed Parvati and Mahakaali role in the show.”

Pooja can be seen doing full justice to the role offered. The innocence and charm of Parvati combined with the power and fierceness of Shakti are portrayed by her with perfection on screen. “Playing Mahakaali was a lifetime experience. I was away from TV for quite some time but a powerful role like Mahakaali was the major motivation for me to get back to TV and take up this role. I wasn’t very convinced with the kind of roles which were offered to me before Mahakaali. So, I am happy to play the lead.” shared Pooja.

The actress also shared how she was amazed to see Kaali’s side of the story being projected for the first time. “This is the first ever show when Kaali is being projected in a full-fledged show. As an actor, it was fascinating for me to play both Kaali and Parvati. It was also interesting to know about VFX and action sequences. I am happy that I got a chance to be associated with this show.”

Sharing more about her action sequences. Pooja further said,” I am glad that the action director helped me a lot to ace those action sequences. With his help of course those scenes now look smooth on the screen. I gave my heart and soul to get it right and live up to the expectations of the team.”

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