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Feel Connected to Your Roots with Popular Hindi Serials Only on Desi Play TV

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Thumbnail for Feel Connected to Your Roots with Popular Hindi Serials Only on Desi Play TV
Thumbnail for Feel Connected to Your Roots with Popular Hindi Serials Only on Desi Play TV


The USA has a different charm; your life has changed a lot after coming here, but with time you feel more connected to your hometown and have also become more desi than you have ever felt.

Your heart desires more authentic desi food, and, most importantly, unlimited Hindi TV shows. Right? Could you imagine a few decades ago, watching Hindi shows free online, with unlimited access to entertainment, was unbelievable in America? But now, thanks to technological advancements and Desi Play TV. It is possible to watch popular Hindi serials online that too free.

Yes, it’s true, and no matter how much you binge-watch many English seasons and movies, popular Hindi serials have their own charm and place in our hearts. We keep watching them because it just makes us nostalgic about India, childhood memories, exciting characters, relatable stories, love for the language, its tradition and vast culture.

Desi Play TV is bringing you virtually back home through your television set, enjoying Hindi TV shows like you used to but with stories that will keep you enchanted throughout the entire session. Now watch stories that are rooted in different parts of India, admire your favorite actor or a dashing host and more. Now it’s time to enjoy Desi Play TV just the way you used to enjoy all the Desi TV shows back in India with a Monday to Saturday schedule and leisurely Sunday serials. It is a linear channel which can be watched on any device anytime, anywhere. You can enjoy it from your living room couch while cooking your favorite desi meal in the kitchen.

Nowadays, popular Hindi TV serials are not readily available to watch online for free, and that’s the reason why Desi Play TV is in play for you. Many a time, you keep searching OTT platforms to get all the Hindi serials, but it’s too much to navigate and look for them in one place. Desi Play TV makes it super easy for you and brings different genres of Hindi serials under one roof, making it convenient and a blessing for the Indians staying abroad. Genres like drama, cookery, crime, mythology, comedy, lifestyle, and more are currently available on Desi Play TV.

Reading about the list of popular Hindi serials will make you reminisce about the time when you used to watch them with your family every day. It is nostalgic, and here’s a way to keep the old tradition alive; there is a schedule in place from Monday to Saturday and special shows on Sunday that you can plan with your family to enjoy together.

So, now you can watch Hindi serials online for free while having your desi meals at home after work. The popular Hindi serials of Desi Play TV will give you an excellent way to embrace our traditional roots and even show Gen Z what Indian culture and language are all about. It’s a privilege to watch Hindi serials online of your choice, all for free in the USA, just the way you used to do back in India. With Desi Play TV, let’s bring back the culture of watching TV together as a family and making new memories over meals.

DesiPlay TV is the first FAST Hindi general entertainment channel from Viacom18, available in USA, Canada, Middle East, Africa and other countries. Get access to awe-inspiring Indian stories, award-winning, and hand-picked Hindi shows and Bollywood movies for FREE.

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