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5 reasons to watch ‘Mahakaali’ only on Desi Play TV.

Thumbnail for 5 reasons to watch ‘Mahakaali’ only on Desi Play TV.
Thumbnail for 5 reasons to watch ‘Mahakaali’ only on Desi Play TV.
Thumbnail for 5 reasons to watch ‘Mahakaali’ only on Desi Play TV.


Indian mythology is full of tales around gods, goddesses, and legends who were born to protect people from the fear of ‘asuras’ and guide humankind along the path of humanity, truth, and wisdom, enlightening them in achieving freedom. We have all grown up listening to and watching mythological stories. This is the story of Mahakaali.

She is the ultimate destroyer. She destroys limitations so that we can create. She destroys the negative, so the positive can lead to a new beginning. But her personal life will also be a part of this story. Her transformation from a mortal to the most feared of them all, Mahakaali, the Goddess Parvati, Mahadev’s wife. Here are some of the best reasons to tune in to Desi Play TV and watch Mahakaali. Read on.

1- Perfect blend of drama and mythology

With ‘Mahakaali’ you enter both the worlds of drama and mythology. The story revolves around Adi Shakti’s incarnations but the show centres around goddess Mahakaali. Pooja Sharma, who first gained fame as Draupadi, plays the title role in this mythological show and does an excellent job. As Lord Shiva, Saurabh Jain is equally deserving of appreciation.

2- One of a kind mythological show: 

Though the goddess has been previously mentioned and even portrayed numerous times in previous shows, her glory and power have never been highlighted before in this manner. The show conveys a deeper message of inner strength, women’s empowerment, and hope in addition to the story of how Parvati transforms into a Kaali.

3- Revolutionary content 

Nowadays, when women have succeeded in escaping the constraints of patriarchy, the show is rather relevant. They are coming into their own and can therefore relate to a female-centric show like this with its revolutionary content better.

4-Amazing VFX and backdrops: 

The VFX effects used in Mahakali are superior to those in the other shows and completely immerse the viewer in the world of fantasy. The make-believe appears real and pulls you into the story from the backdrop to the costume drama.

5- Costumes and Jewelry 

The show’s elaborate costumes and jewelry add to how entertaining it is to see. Complete consideration is given to how characters appear aesthetically on screen, starting with Parvati’s transformation into Mahakaali or the antagonists’ appearance on the show.

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