Give into your gastronomic impulses with Kitchen Champion


Give into your gastronomic impulses with Kitchen Champion
Give into your gastronomic impulses with Kitchen Champion
Give into your gastronomic impulses with Kitchen Champion


There are two kinds of people in the world; the first group eats to live, while the second lives to eat. Of course, life is more colorful when you can gorge on lovely dishes designed to tantalize your taste buds. If you know how to cook, your work is automatically easier since you can feed yourself delicious meals at any point in the day. The feeling of quenching your culinary cravings is unparalleled as compared to ordering out all the time.

For those who miss home cooked meals and desi food in the US, one of the simplest ways to reminisce about it is catching up on your favorite culinary series. Competing for the crown of the best chef in B-town are several celebrities like Rashmi Desai, who love food but will be challenged to bring their best creations to the table. What happens when the ones who get served gourmet- food everyday are expected to cook some?

Interesting is the word, to say at the least! While it may seem easy to cook up a storm from the comfort of your home, how do they fare in front of a strict panel of judges who expect perfection? Only time will tell. Celebrities who are used to the glamorous life now will work behind the scenes to appease the judges and audience with everyday kitchen challenges, which is a fun way to learn new dishes and tips along with them! While you watch them cook, your family may find things even more delightful, given that food brings us all together.

Guaranteed with a good time watching your series favorites, Kitchen Champion will bring you all the masala with a hearty dose of laughter. Desi Play is your go-to platform to catch up on nostalgic TV shows; here you can watch all the episodes of Kitchen Champion- for free! Tune in everyday to binge for the perfect gastronomic treat and more entertaining shows only on Desi Play TV.

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