Your Daily Dose of Hindi Entertainment Is Just a Click Away With Desi Play TV?


Your Daily Dose of Hindi Entertainment Is Just a Click Away With Desi Play TV?
Your Daily Dose of Hindi Entertainment Is Just a Click Away With Desi Play TV?
Your Daily Dose of Hindi Entertainment Is Just a Click Away With Desi Play TV?


Has it ever happened to you that after you settled in the USA, you are tired of watching the same old English rom com? All of us feel homesick at least once, and the first thing that we want to do is switch on our favorite entertainment channels and have a good watch while binging on something favorite to eat. We all have days like this, and for that reason, we are here with the best option just for you.

If you are a fan of watching Hindi TV shows, then the best option that you can depend upon currently is none other than Desi Play TV. Wondering what this channel is all about? Well, this is the most promising option that you have currently in the USA and will offer you a lot of promising Hindi TV shows and that too with the help of one click!

You can start to watch the old Hindi serials online for free, and the most promising part is that you do not have to do much because accessing the channel is easy. The only thing that you must do is get in touch with your app-based TV provider and request them to get started with the channel so that you can watch it peacefully at your home. It would not be wrong to say that with Desi Play TV, your regular dose of entertainment is taken care of.

What Is Desi Play TV All About?

Now before we go ahead and explain why this channel is so different from others and why you must give it a try, it is very important that we explain the working of the channel and what it is all about. This is the best resort if you want to seriously watch Indian TV shows in the USA, and that too for free. It is an endeavor by Viacom, so you can also trust the credibility factor.

The basic characteristic feature of this channel is that we play all the old Hindi serials that were once telecasted and became popular among the viewers. So, you can now binge on these popular shows on Desi Play TV.

Many of you may like to watch desi Indian TV shows in the US, and it may become very difficult to find an app-based TV provider who will get you viable Hindi channels. And even if you do manage to get a couple of channels, not all of them offer good shows. And here comes Desi Play TV to your aid with a host of Hindi TV shows free online for your ultimate entertainment.

With Desi Play TV, you can start to watch TV shows like Na Aana iss Des Laado all episodes and Tu Aashiqui episodes. However, for Sunday, the programs stand to change a bit, and these are more for relaxation- just in the same way that it happens in India that we tend to enjoy other shows during the weekends.

Desi Play TV is here to give you a daily dose of entertainment 

If entertainment is in your mind and you want to watch the most amazing Hindi TV shows that were once your favorite, then the only option in the USA currently is Desi Play TV. One of the best things about this channel is that it is free of cost, so you do not have to pay anything and can even start enjoying it today.

Desi Play TV is the first FAST Hindi general entertainment channel from Viacom18 in the USA. Get access to awe-inspiring Indian stories, award-winning, and hand-picked Hindi shows for FREE.


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