These amazing characteristic traits of Pankti will win your hearts.


These amazing characteristic traits of Pankti will win your hearts.
These amazing characteristic traits of Pankti will win your hearts.
These amazing characteristic traits of Pankti will win your hearts.


Pankti’s character in ‘Tu Aashiqui’ represents the spirit of womanhood. She is gentle and fierce at the same time. Her character is fictional but her characteristic traits are relatable. Read on….

1- Kind hearted and charming  

Pankti belongs to a middle-class family and she is grounded. She is also genuine and comforts people around her with her positive vibes. Pankti can never think about lying for her gains and that’s what makes her character all the more beautiful. She is true to herself and even to others.

2- Dedicated

Pankti knows what she wants in her life. She is clear about her aims, and ambitions and therefore follows the path to being a successful singer. Life does not always go as planned and the same happens in Pankti’s case. But fighting all the odds, Pankti stays dedicated to achieving her dreams. She doesn’t believe in achieving her dreams by hook or by crook but the path she wants to follow is hard work and achieve her dreams with utmost dedication.

3- Honest 

The young and beautiful Pankti embraces honesty over anything else. The world tries to bring her down but irrespective of what life throws at her she never compromises with honesty. She never exaggerates and shows empathy for others. Her words and actions always match up with each other and she knows well how to keep promises.

4- Caring 

Pankti cares about the well-being of her loved ones including Ahaan. She is sensitive, patient and understanding even in the toughest of situations. She also understands her responsibilities well and she is equally supportive and encouraging towards others.

5- Strong and independent

Being strong and Independent defines Pankti. She manages to stay strong and face the situations. Pankti wants to establish an independent identity for herself and therefore pursues her dream to be a successful singer. Besides fighting all the odds Pankti is also a complete family girl. She demonstrates a good understanding of relationships and equally values them.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with Pankti when she has such amazing characteristic traits? Watch ‘Tu Aashiqui’ only on Desi Play TV and fall in love with Pankti’s character to understand which character traits of her you relate to the most.

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