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5 reasons why the show Mahakaali won the hearts of millions.

Thumbnail for 5 reasons why the show Mahakaali won the hearts of millions.
Thumbnail for 5 reasons why the show Mahakaali won the hearts of millions.
Thumbnail for 5 reasons why the show Mahakaali won the hearts of millions.


It has been almost six years since the release of the show Mahakaali, and it still has a huge fan following even in 2023. Many people rave about the series’ plot and special effects, which were brilliantly done for that day and age. Considered a novelty for the silver screen, a religious story depicted from a fictional perspective ended up being the year’s favorite series for families to watch. So, what is it about the series Mahakaali that won over millions of viewers? Here are five reasons!

1. Captivating storyline: Everyone loves strong characters, but what happens when these characters happen to be the favorite deities of our culture? The journey of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva through various trials and tribulations, especially by the hands of two demons. The triumph of good over evil is highly appealing, especially when divinity is the reflection of humanity.

2. Uniqueness: This series is an intricately directed piece which maintains a crisp plot that lasts throughout the entire show. The story sticks to the narrative of Goddess Parvati’s metamorphosis and the events leading up to it with great accuracy and devotion, making it a unique series- a quality hard to find even in 2023.

3. The depiction of female strength: In the changing societal dynamics, the story is a reminder of sacred feminism and naari shakti. It also shows the depth and nuance of feminine rage, a concept that is shied away from on most televised screens. Goddess Kali’s rise and her path in Mahakaali shows us how feminine rage is just as sacred and must be embraced.

4. An amazing star cast: Let’s not forget to give credit to the amazing star-studded cast of Mahakaali. The lead and supporting actors put in an extraordinary effort to channel the characters in a way that makes the series a binge favorite in 2023.

5. Interesting costumes and designing: Apart from the production value and skills, the aesthetic of the show is highly appealing to the Indian audience, especially to those living overseas. Mahakaali offers a bridge of nostalgia about the stories we’ve heard from childhood.

Not only did Mahakaali beautifully depict the transformation of a goddess through various experiences, but also showed us that such a series can be a fan favorite close to a decade. If you want to watch all the episodes of Mahakaali for free in the USA, Desi Play TV is your prime entertainer. Head over to our site to start binging today!

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