Love To Watch Crime Thrillers? Tune Into Dev and Enjoy Its Gripping Storyline


Love To Watch Crime Thrillers? Tune Into Dev and Enjoy Its Gripping Storyline
Love To Watch Crime Thrillers? Tune Into Dev and Enjoy Its Gripping Storyline
Love To Watch Crime Thrillers? Tune Into Dev and Enjoy Its Gripping Storyline


Hindi serials are a big part of our day-to-day entertainment, and hence viewers look for gripping storylines and plots. However, sometimes it happens that some stories change the entire notion that we have and keeps us hooked on the screen till the last episode. One such promising storyline that has been able to make many viewers glued to the screen is Dev. 

But what makes Dev so different from others, and why has it garnered such a positive response for itself? If you are someone who has still not started to watch this serial, we bet your mind can be changed once you know the plot a little. 

And if you are wondering about how to watch Dev, then you must know that Desi play TV is the platform that streams Dev in the US. You can have a fantastic viewing experience as you tune into Desi Play TV.

Dev – What Can You Expect From the show

If you have been a viewer of crime dramas, Dev will interest you. It is one of those serials which has been very different from other TV series, and that is why people have been vested in it so much. The plot revolves around the protagonist Dev who is exceptionally witty and can solve every case that comes his way. But along with that, another essential aspect of Dev is his excellent presence of mind.

Dev is one of those Indian serials that has been able to live up to the name of suspense drama thrillers. Dev Anand Burman is one of the finest detectives, and he has also been successful in fighting his inner negativity. Since his wife Mahek passed away, Dev has been constantly in a tussle with himself, but that has never impacted the way he has been solving all complicated cases that come his way.

Although Dev is known to be working with the inspector Amod Narvekar, there are a lot of other inner complications that the serial shows in the episodes that further unfurl the storyline. Dev is a character who can be referred to as mysterious by some people, and this has even raised many eyebrows about him. Inspector Amod Narvekar is a uniformed officer who has been working in the police department for an extended period and even suspects Dev of murdering his wife. This serial will keep you wanting more as this detective solves cases with his wits. 

As you can already understand from the storyline we have revealed, Dev is not like another guy from your regular Hindi serial, and you can expect a lot of interesting twists that will keep you interested in the serial. Also, there has been a second season of the serial on popular demand, and you can choose to binge-watch and satiate your cravings for crime drama. 

Where Can You Watch Dev?

Desi Play TV streams the popular crime drama Dev. The best thing about our streaming service is the great user experience. So, if you are settled in the US, you can now choose to tune into Desi Play TV and watch Dev and have the best crime drama experience ever. 

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