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What can you expect from ‘Dine with colors’ on Desi Play TV?

Thumbnail for What can you expect from ‘Dine with colors’ on Desi Play TV?
Thumbnail for What can you expect from ‘Dine with colors’ on Desi Play TV?
Thumbnail for What can you expect from ‘Dine with colors’ on Desi Play TV?


Cook, grill, sauté, roast, bake, fry, sear, char, and braise. If reading these words doesn’t make your mouth water, it will! All you need to do is just grab a diary and a pen to note down some mouthwatering recipes while watching Dine with colors only on Desi Play TV.

There is something for everyone, regardless of whether you consider yourself to be quite the cook, are seeking some inspiration, or are just a fan of enjoying new culinary experiences across the world. The show satisfies this love of yours towards experiencing culinary delights from different corners. That’s not it! There’s something very relaxing about watching someone else prepare a meal!

Explore the cities and foods of North America with the host- Simran Kochar. Binge-watch this unique food show that provides viewers with a tour of regional cuisine, must-try meals, exotic flavors, chef-secret recipes, and owner success stories. Every locale has a fascinating tale to tell.

Join the host Simran Kochar, who discovers behind-the-scenes information about iconic American foreign cuisines, like French fries, Thai curries, and more as she investigates the test kitchens and the secrets of lunch box delicacies. Enjoy blockbuster episodes of bizarre foodstuffs tantalizing your palate. Simran explores the culinary delights at each restaurant, seeking out the best foods it has to offer while explaining the flavor, texture, and background of everything she eats.

As a viewer, you will also get a chance to expose yourself to new ideas of cooking, techniques and possibilities. Not just that. Each episode is a feast for the eyes as you directly enter the kitchens of culinary delights with the host Simran Kochar and watch the chefs prepare their favorite dishes. While watching the show you will also realise how interesting some of these chefs can be and the magic that unfolds with each dish they prepare.

You can also steal their amazing time-saving ideas. You might not feel like spending 45 minutes or more making dinner after a hard day. What if you measured all the ingredients ahead of time the day before or the morning of your shift? When you are weary, cooking your 45-minute meal will go much more quickly, and cleaning up will take much less time because any equipment used for preparation will already be put away. There are several such tips which you will get to hear from the chefs themselves while Dine With Colors. Tune in to Desi Play TV now.

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