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Kapil Sharma, the host of popular comedy showComedy Nights with Kapil’ on DesiPlay TV was a struggling theatre artist even before he gained popularity. He participated in one of the reality shows and emerged winner of the winner and since then it was no looking back for the comedy king. Time and again, Kapil Sharma made us realise that he can do more than just make us laugh. He is a man who knows how to win a million hearts and he is also the most loved comedian. Here are some of the reasons why Kapil Sharma rules everyone’s heart:

Kapil Sharma resonates common man. 

Kapil Sharma comes from a humble background and never had a godfather who would help him to enter the entertainment industry. Despite that, with his talent and skills he carved a niche for himself in this industry. With his hard work, Kapil went on to become a self-made man and every time he appears on screen it makes us believe that Kapil is also one of us.

He hits the right chords with everyone. 

Kapil’s infectious smile and his quick wittedness instantly hits the right chords with everyone. A noteworthy thing about Kapil is that despite cracking jokes on others he never fails to crack some on himself. The same can be witnessed during various episodes of ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ which airs on DesiPlay TV every Sunday from 8.30 PM ET/9 PM PT. Your daily dose of comedy and priceless entertainment is served on DesiPlay TV and Kapil Sharma in the house.

His loveable bond with the celebrities  

Right from making them comfortable on the show to making them chuckle, Kapil Sharma knows it all. Biggies in Bollywood know Kapil Sharma and shower their praise. They don’t hesitate to make an appearance on the show and promote their films. From Bollywood stars to sports icons, everyone seems to genuinely enjoy ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ as much as the audience.

He is a professional 

Kapil knows how to excel in what he is doing. Be it singing, acting, comedy, hosting a show, he does everything with perfection. He even went on to set examples for many youngsters to dream of carving an identity for themselves in the entertainment industry.

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