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Here is a glimpse into the life of Mahakaali star, Sourabh Raj Jain

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Thumbnail for Here is a glimpse into the life of Mahakaali star, Sourabh Raj Jain
Thumbnail for Here is a glimpse into the life of Mahakaali star, Sourabh Raj Jain


One of the greatest hallmarks of an actor is not measured by the money they have earned or the number of shows they have appeared in, but the number of hearts they have touched. Art is one of the best ways that can capture and depict complex emotions to a mass, giving them a collective and individual experience. In Indian culture, there is a huge role that the film industry plays in the entertainment of households. Watching movies and serials on TV is one of the bonding events that families religiously follow, especially over meals.

One such show that captivated the hearts of millions was Mahakaali, a star-studded mythological depiction of the journey of Maa Parvati into the Goddess Kali. One of the main attractions of the show was watching the talented actor Sourabh Raj Jain play Mahadev. Seeing him play another mythological character after playing Krishna in Mahabharata was received with warmth, accredited to his skillful portrayal. Today, even in 2023, people are avid fans of the series and wish to know more about Sourabh behind the scenes. This blog will share three pieces of information that make him even more interesting as a person!

Raised by a single mom.
Did you know that he has been backed by an iron lady from his formative years? Sourabh’s mom raised him all by herself majorly, which was a challenge because she was studying, working, and building a home alone. The values of such sacrifice and dedication to parenting was never lost on Sourabh, who prioritized his education first, and lives by the motto of adoring the women in his life, namely his mom and lovely wife.

He loves not attaching genres to his work.
There was a lot of speculation regarding Sourabh sticking to the mythological genre, but he has other plans at present. Sticking to a genre and not exploring other types of roles are not his cup of tea. In fact, Sourabh is of the belief that performing as many roles as possible with different complexities and nuances is one of the best parts of his job.

He strives to evade stagnancy.
Speaking about his greatest fears in his career, it is stagnancy he shies away from. Sourabh consistently strives to break his own records by surpassing the work done previously. Approaching art and life with a growth mindset is one of his main priorities.

So, these are the three things that make Sourabh Raj Jain a strong personality apart from being a thorough professional with a grounded background. He sets a great example for Bollywood and artists, that one can be famous and still in touch with their roots while striking the perfect balance! If you love watching Sourabj Raj Jain on TV, tune in to the full episodes of Mahakaali on Desi Play TV today!

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