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Sheena is rude sometimes, but I am grounded: Hiba Nawab

Thumbnail for Sheena is rude sometimes, but I am grounded: Hiba Nawab
Thumbnail for Sheena is rude sometimes, but I am grounded: Hiba Nawab
Thumbnail for Sheena is rude sometimes, but I am grounded: Hiba Nawab


Hiba, who plays Sheena in DesiPlay TV’s Bhaag Bakool Bhaag, has impressed audiences. She proved herself and received a lot of praise for playing a humorous role. Hiba shared her experiences with the show and what similarities does she finds in between herself and on-screen character Sheena.

“Sheena is an absolute fashionista, and she is obsessed with herself. This quality of hers is nowhere close to me and honestly, I don’t see many similarities between myself and Sheena. We are poles apart. Sheena is always on cloud nine whereas I am humble. I don’t even throw tantrums the ways Sheena does!”, Smiled Hiba.

On asking how she would like to describe Sheena in one word, Hiba said, “Sheena is a drama queen, and she loves drama. Even in the slightest of inconvenience, Sheena always looks out for a chance to make a fuss out of it. The only person she loves with all her heart is Bakool and she will go at any length to be with him.”

However, Hiba strongly believes that transparency in a relationship plays an important role. “No wife would ever want to share her husband. That’s not how relationships work. To be honest, I would never want to even imagine such situation in real life, it’s crazy to even think about it. Trust is the base of any relationship and 2 people in a relationship should respect that.”

Hiba also shared experiences of playing a comic role and how it helped her to come out of her comfort zone. “It was fun to do a comic role. Initially, I wasn’t sure but costars and director were extremely supportive. Even in future if I come across more comic roles, I won’t deny it. At least, such roles are light hearted and these don’t demand me to fake cry too much!”

Hiba didn’t forget to mention about the friendly bond she shared with Jay Soni and Shruti Rawat throughout the show, “Both the co-stars are super friendly. It was fun to have them around. Since day 1 of the shoot, we shared a good bond and more fun used to happen off-screen. Everyone was sweet to work with.”

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