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Regressive Traditions Vs Progressive Values: Watch Na Aana Iss Des Laado

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Thumbnail for Regressive Traditions Vs Progressive Values: Watch Na Aana Iss Des Laado
Thumbnail for Regressive Traditions Vs Progressive Values: Watch Na Aana Iss Des Laado


Na Aana Is Des Laado is an iconic Hindi TV serial known for its riveting storyline and solid characters. It is a drama that raises its voice against the oppression of women in the Indian countryside. The storyline revolves around a small town in Harayana called Veerpur and a powerful matriarch, Ammaji, a.k.a Bhagwani Devi Sangwan, who believes in and propagates the total suppression of women, not just in her family but all around her as well. For years together, no one has got the guts to question Ammaji’s stringent and archaic beliefs, but in the serial, you will see her very own granddaughters coming out and revolting against it. A battle between two opposing ideologies transpires, a war between regressive traditions and progressive values.

This particular Hindi TV serial took television by storm because of its focus on the problems faced by Indian women in a male-dominant world, making it very relatable to many such people in India. It is indeed one of the most successful shows, not only on the channel but in the history of Indian television. The character of Ammaji, played by Meghna Malik, became a frenzy amongst the masses. Audiences loved how it was portrayed, and her acting is so natural and believable that when Ammaji comes on the TV, you will surely hate her.

It’s good to have a tradition to follow, admire and to know your roots while abiding by them. But if it is at the cost of a person’s progress, then it needs to be revisited, and someone has to take that first step toward the change. This serial is all about the strict traditions that are old and has been followed for decades together, but after a point, you feel that it is good to have it in history. India as a country is progressive by the year, and this Hindi TV serial is all about it. That’s what makes Dia and Jhanvi the change in the serial who oppose, challenge and want to set free from the tradition.

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