I wasn’t sure about playing Lord Shiva: Sourabh Raj Jain


I wasn’t sure about playing Lord Shiva: Sourabh Raj Jain
I wasn’t sure about playing Lord Shiva: Sourabh Raj Jain
I wasn’t sure about playing Lord Shiva: Sourabh Raj Jain


Sourabh Raaj Jain’s portrayal of Lord Shiva in Mahakali – Anth Hi has captivated numerous hearts. The depiction of Lord Shiva as a compassionate friend, ally, motivator, and mentor on the show has touched the hearts of many. Interestingly, the character of Lord Shiv surpassed the portrayal of so-called modern men on Indian TV shows by a hundredfold.  The portrayal of Shiva as a staunch feminist in the series resonated deeply with the audience.

It provides an insightful perspective into the character of Lord Shiva. “Initially, I was filled with apprehension when I learned that I had to play the character of Mahadev. Playing the role of Shiva, especially after portraying Krishna, wasn’t something I had considered. However, as I received the narration for the role, I discovered that the show would highlight the Shankar aspect of Shiva, where he serves as the head of the family and supports his wife wholeheartedly. This portrayal of Shiva as a feminist in the show was a remarkable aspect that greatly appealed to me. It also resonates with my personal life experiences.”

“Throughout my childhood, I witnessed my own mother working tirelessly as a lawyer. This personal experience has shaped my belief that gender should not define one’s worth or capabilities. What truly matters is having a goal in life and working towards it, regardless of whether you are male or female.” He added.

When asked if he ever had any amusing encounters with fans considering he has portrayed god-like characters throughout his career, Sourabh added,” As amusing as it may sound, I haven’t actually portrayed a god-like character throughout my career! However, I’ve had some truly wonderful moments with fans. This connection with fans goes way back to the days of my previous shows when people still remember me as one of the characters from the show. Even the roles I played in Uttaran and other shows are still recognized by viewers. While there haven’t been any particularly funny moments with fans, the overall experience has been amazing.”

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